Sunday, May 27, 2007


They leave their homes fractured
Unto the promised lands
Their promises unkept
They search for the new ones

The homes they leave behind
would never remind them of their roots
for they are dead and gone
As their world moved on

They live in the new land
Find new friends and foes
Who ought to be perfect
For it is the land they chose

They live but do not belong
They own yet they don't
They survive to realize
What they have lost

They long to belong somewhere
A home where they can share
A place where they belong
The place which they thought was totally wrong

To their roots they return
and watch others take their turn
To travel far and wide
with their homes fractured on the other side.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pharaoh's dream

Sitting high and powerful, defiant and condescending
Is the chosen one, the pharaoh.
The absolute, The ruler from heaven;as the world calls
And obediently at his feet it falls

He dreamt for a mark of his glory
a one of its kind, magnificent and grand
A monument to mark his rule of this land

Years and Years of toiling in the desert sun
Realizing someone else's dream
They remained occupied
until one day when the glory was out of its hide

It looked sturdy and magnificent
Built With their flesh and blood
The symbol of glory would sure leave a mark
Just different one in each heart

The active years of their lives spent
They had no emotions to vent
The unsung heroes never again thought
What havoc to them,the pharaoh's dream has brought

Realizing they wont be remembered for long
They lived along singing the glory
Forgetting the mark it made
And waiting for the wounds to fade.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

An Awakening Dream

The distant hills , the early rise
The silent meadows so green
A place none has been

The hills beckon in a strange tune
Urging me to join them soon
The silent meadows, with me, strike a note
My heart sings with joy afloat

Where to find this place?
In a myriad of dreams which one to follow
Each one like others appears hollow

I dream about this place
And what it can offer as solace
About the promises it holds
About the new stories it unfolds
About the new songs
About the new wrongs
About everything that this heart longs

Despite my efforts to evade
This awakening dream does not fade
I sit up questioning "why ?"
Why like all the others you don't die.