Sunday, July 25, 2010


Few of them are made in heaven
The rest roll out of hell
"Nothing unusual in that"
Socrates would have dismissed
a young Plato's question.
Leave the philosophers out
A layman still stands confounded.
It takes a life time to make it work
Something wrong easily draws frowns
Rumours bite people's ears.
There are enough forbidden fruits, snakes
and ladders, for two to be occupied.

Friday, July 9, 2010


Tomatoes are almost over
We have Onions though
Rice will be enough
Not so sure about wheat
No school.Thank God.
Could wake up late.
But, the night patrol doesn't let me sleep.

Might have to go to a farther shop tomorrow
The regular one had a burning tyre near it today
Stones were strewn all across the way
Like safe passages in chaotic traffic
slogans were painted in Yellow
towards the end of the road.
No, beyond that I can't go.
There are tar drums standing guard
with a heap of stones by the side.
I couldn't see anyone there
like on the TV. It was deserted.
May be the camera is looking somewhere else.
No, beyond that I can't go.

Tell you what
I had a quick look at the queue near the ATM
It wore a sorry look on the screen.
There might be some change left
but is helpless to dispense it.
Another day and we have to stand in that line.

Friday, July 2, 2010


Believing pushes one to not seeing
Other things of course
even if seen
are brushed aside as rumors.
Say, there is a humanitarian crisis
that is not shown on TV.
There is a nagging question
about the marketability of this fact.
Beliefs, like photo frames hold a picture
exposing only the central theme
The fringes are sealed for dust.