Monday, December 29, 2008


Death gives a profound context
to our meaningless babble
It is a waiting train ready
to start amidst our squabble.

It seems to have power
to pardon mediocrity
for every deadman is a hero
with his qualities extolled.

There is no low, middle
or a high class death.
It is an equalizer atlast
for the years of injustice in life.

Values that decompose at unequal speed
in life, acquire a uniformity in death
It singles us out
into a duel with the untested paths.

Life is a mist hanging above the lake
enshrouding the expanse of coldness
It has to clear up and give way
to the stillness of death.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Cut Away

Emotions have limited validity
like that of a punched ticket.
They are to be done with
at one stage or the other.

As we get into living and loving
we lose ourselves under the pillow covers
like the hidden teenage magazines
that are read in an unclear haste.

Solitude may offer a latitude of escape.
But what use is it to turn nostalgic
like a kite stuck to the string.
Cut away from the cut out roles
and await the thrill it'll bring.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Love Over Coffee

They fell in love somehow
and confused they are now
caught in the strain
between passion and restraint.

Trying to break the elusive ice
they gaze into each others eyes.
Over the time, their helplessness
cools off into an addiction for coffee.

The dregs of such a relationship
are friendship, familiarity etcetera.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

2500 A.D

It is a new planet distant in time.
2500 years After Destruction (A.D).
A school assembly gathers at prime
and just like all other days
the gas around them resonates
as a squeaky tune plays.

It is a new anthem
constructed out of the broken CDs
that were hurled at them
immediately after the supernova.

There is a new anthem everyday
out of the broken disk and to hear that
the children maintain grim silence.
and they could hear each other fart.

Though, the children grew up
they attended the assembly at prime.
To listen to what it is this time.

They have differences only one day old
that too about the squeakiness of the anthem.
It is a simple existence
2500 years after destruction.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


We forget collectively
and that is the spirit for now.
A feeling of being left out
mums us to make noises
that are mistaken as approvals.

Remembering is an exercise in loneliness
where as forgetting is done in gatherings
More so in condolence meetings
where life is beautifully wreathed.

There is a question about moving on
and there is no answer. Just the silence
of velvet shoes dispersing
into the smoke of the candles put out.