Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rear View

Hiding behind the slopes
The glow of ember slowly appears
With the music of dawn.

The first boat is set sail
With the water rippling
In ecstasy
At the touch of the golden beams.

The fog raises the curtains
For an early morning show
With the folk lore
As a background score.

Snaking through the road
Around the hills
I treasure the images
In the rear view mirror
And thank that they are closer
Than they appeared.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Images vaulted inside
Are crayoned on the opaque windows
A few are lost
A few get mirrored.

The mirrors are true
But the images aren't
Stand before them
And they show
Someone else for you.

The sunlight
Is from, just another neon lamp
The silent scenic hills
Are murals on the drab walls.

The worms are cultured
Just for you
For your freedom
From this silver frame.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hall of fame

Hall of fame
A thundrous applause;
Resounding in a corner
Of a quaint recluse.

Hall of fame
Years ago
A virgin note;
A fresh song.

Buds take shade
Blossom unknown
In to the time they fade.

Killed the notes
Revelled in mediocrity
Absolved your sins
Engraved your wins

On this cold evening
as the carriage transports you
To a new recluse
An asylum, A hide out.

The moving notes are now gone
As zephyrs carried freshness away
To the heavens.
Where,there are
Less odds than evens.


The setting sun, the silent hills
The naked beach and a kiss that fills
Stars shimmering behind the clouds
In each other's arms,away from the crowds.

The vagrant walks, The simple talks
The benches,the roads,the hugs
All hold a void;
You have now scattered into a galaxy of stars
As the broken pieces of my heart.

Wished,I could freeze the time
But the falling star betrayed me
And then you left me.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


I revel in it's sorrow
I correct other's wrongs
I kill the two
I become the two
I gulp all of them to form
I get dissected into two

I live in yesterday's tomorrow
I live in tomorrow's yesterday
I enjoy other's sorrow
I revel all the fray

Images, stories well weaved
Personalities well kneaved
Connected by a single umblical cord
That sustains this discord

The cord cuts
All 'I's unite
In nothingness.
In Black.
Noooo! In white.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


I am the dark omen
As you move away from light
I am your retrospect
As you move towards.

I escape in the night
And return with the light
Reminding you life is both
Black and white .

Friday, January 11, 2008

Blood letting

To the cacophony of cymbals
The forest cover shudders
In an entranced dance
They circle the fire
The smoke from it
Glooms the sky.

Chained to the pyramids
Slaves are decorated and lined up
The vales are filled
With a mystic echo
Commanding them to let it flow.

Amidst the cheers
The palpitating hearts are taken out;
Each warrior showcases them
And lets the blood flow
Along the trails of the yore.

The blood is offered
To a squatting rock;
As the sky sheds tears
They feel the joy
But the palpitating hearts
Are dead coy.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dried Ink

From a wavering quill, a streak
Tune the dried ink on the paper
A song, a life.

Humming it
Add more notes
The song,more personal.

Sing it, Laugh with it
Cry with it
The song, Your song

Teach it
Another life
The song,a noise
Sans real voice.


A distant mistral grazes past
The pearl of water trickles slow
In the light beam it glitters
As it drops past the brow.

She eclipses the sunlight
And a diamond ring forms
Around that graceful waist
The coy pearl still trickling
Meets the grace
As beauties pitted against

Let me be that drop
Let me be that sunlight
Let me be the air
Around that beauty fair.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Faint Trails

Parallel threads we are
Wading through each other
Grazing closely everytime
We miss each other all the time.

Destiny intervenes
Captures us in a jigsaw puzzle
We match or rather mismatch
And evade each other

Fraility blossoms doggedness
Frantically we knock every door
Searching for evaded threads
That we lost in the yore.

Lost are the yester's faint trails
In the music of the coffin's nails.