Monday, July 30, 2007

It was you, always you

It was you, It was always you
It was you in many a hue
Things came and went anew
But I knew,it was always you.

The thoughts that seized the heart
The pain that struck it hence
Amidst the noises and in silence
It was you, It was always you.

The noises around died down
The remnant Silence escaped with a frown
In my heart was your image
Was always there in every page.

The day was spent in search of you
The night came and the dream were you
It was you, It was always you.

Never you went far from me
As much as I cannot see.
For long in my heart you would stay,
and everything else would fade away.

It was you, It was always you.
It was you in many a hue.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Lucky ones

We walked together once
For we are the lucky ones
We shared thoughts and dreams
Set our goals and aims
We fought, We made up
We cared for each other

Those were the happy days
Now I realize, nothing happy stays
Are the happy moments gone?
Has everyone moved on?
I tend to live in the past
In my heart only that can last

Tell me my efforts are not in vain
And that soon we will be back again.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

It was her

Years ago she left an image hazy
Now the same makes me go crazy
she now appeared for moments few
Like the fresh drops of morning dew

Her eyes beautiful and wide
Revealed the beauty past it's hide
Her graceful walk and lovely talk
Her sweet and joyful smile
Made the worlds stop for a while

She was the spark of light
In that windy autumn night
Soon the moment was gone
And the darkness around was on

I stood still when she appeared
I stood still when she went
But in between, were the eons I spent

My heart, forever, she would seize
And everytime I think about it
The darkness would cease.