Thursday, May 17, 2012

Off the hook

The world is new and harsh.
Letters pile up against grandfather's name.
He stashes them away
next to the hurricane lantern.
A hook runs through them:
Daughter's troubles with the world.
Son's tryst with destiny.
Grandchildren growing up.

The keys change hands.
Rusty locks are thrown out to decay.
Worries too find their way out.

Are they really gone?
Let off the hook?

Saturday, May 12, 2012


The bat wings of my mind
scribble things in the dark.
All meanings hide
and the hunt is on all night.
They still see the light of the day.
My poems.
But skip breakfasts.
Have bad stomachs.
Take siestas like the elderly.
And stretch out like emperors
on the cusp of a coup.

When they do return
to their original unfinished forms
they are without their belongings.
I bear no responsiblity.
And the night barbarian starts again.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Summer shades

The shadows of tall trees cringe
Asphalt melts and flows like strong hearts
Squirrels stop all movement
A drifting cloud steps up
to save the world.
Nothing stops it.
Nothing holds it there.
Any movement now, the barks could sweat
Leaves whisper once in a while
Transmit a message to the sea
But all have to wait till orders from above
After a long wait something shifts about.
The day sheds its skin
After all it is all shade at its core.
The colors vaporized before
form a rainbow of embers.
It is a late rise for the night though
Look, the bats have arrived.
A conference in a nearby tree.
They have to save Gotham.
Everybody, brave along.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Needles of rain

Needles of rain
wipe out all our sighs.
The last exam over
cold feet become warm.
But our knees hurt
as we try to fit in
at the window.
We watch
the clouds greying over.
And a mother, under
an old-fashioned family umbrella
flexing her calf muscles
in the rushing streams.