Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Frog's disguise

A frog disguised as a prince
But was unable to convince
Much outpouring from his heart
But the kiss was never to start
He croaked for some simple dating
Losing all hope for a rainy mating
Taking refuge in amphibious wisdom
Asked her out for a walk in the kingdom.
She pitied tremendously like it was a dog
But in heart of hearts, she knew it was a frog.
Something would happen they all thought
And his friends jumped, at the deepening plot.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

To poetry

Pluck words that mean 
different from what's been 
Words empty of deeds 
But bursting with needs 
Cause something to shift 
a detail that closes a rift 
Lie face down till dawn 
postpone every other yawn. 
Wander the brain till end 
in wait for the right send 

An end to reach 
attempting a breach
But what's been put down 
is not what is 
Only a noise of tools 
offering some ease
Other dimensions 
swell behind the blinds 
plotting something 
beyond these lines.