Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Grandmother who refused to be photographed

Not sitting down for a photograph
she has set a tough task for the gen next
who’ve finally put down the spade of survival
to a little rest to reflect in the shade of prosperity.
No record of her exists except in stories shared by the earlies.
Many versions of her reside in her children who remember her
as tough, kind, gentle, cranky and biased. But she in her line
was strong enough to survive and loll now in spirit,
at the most nonfunctional of things: writing about her.
I can sense her knowledge that this admiration is false.
These thoughts about her are self gratifying and do not
ensure any kind of survival in the hardened world.
She doesn’t brandish life advice like an average granny.
Only one message if any, loud and clear: Do Not Disturb.