Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Minimum damage

Havoc has to be havoc enough
to substitute
bodies with bodies
minds with minds
a cursor with a sharper cursor
which blinks as
the writer looks at the horizon
and spells his words like a tried God.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Something's missing

And the eyes are out
like a search party in rain
Their urgent foot steps
Splash Time hither and thither
But memory keeps failing them
Something gone will never be found
Found is a word of someone else

Here it comes

Here comes the rain
From the pipettes and burettes of brain
It descends down into a puddle
Neatly arraigned lines of muddle.
Boiling essence in the fresh drops
and any excesses a stern eye crops.
The shoreline is far from this middle
Even crocodiles have to only wriggle
Birds flying high in a self help book
Have to fold their wings to have a re-look
No image of the sky is possible in this mud
Everything hanging above falls in with a thud
To a primordial soup that everything boils down
Longer and longer the eyebrow stretches in frown.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Free left

Journey through time
has may traffic lights to blame
They blink their rusted eye lids
slow things down
and throttle our vroom.
People don various hats
Decide everything on this route
Free left. One way.
Stop. Go. No Entry.
But often a poem crosses the line
and lands you just fine.

A Story

slowly inscribed
on the back walls of mind
stinks of an old fashion
but exists anyway.
It is worm food.
Stored and stacked
in a designer kitchen.
Looked up
when I float out on yesterday
and the universe moves away.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dark Knight Rises

The darker part of my shadow
comes out in some lights.
It gleams like a Porpoise
crossing the road on a Zebra.
I fret a little but fit.
It stays with me
for a long night.
While my closed eyes
type out dreams on a Remington.