Friday, November 23, 2007


The roads crossed
The odes exchanged
Company sought
Solace found

The roads diverged
The good byes said
Company longed
New roads found

Concurrence -the ephemeral
A dot on the large canvas
Nothing would be the same with the dot
Neither the canvas nor the heart !!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


As an opening to another world
Enveloped around by the darkness
And fighting the night with its own armor.
Is the naked flame.

It sways and dances
To the notes on the violin
It stretches and cringes
With the wind's din.

Luring the gnats to kiss
It would burn them with it's love
And push them to the world within
A world of fiery light.

Waiting with its mouth little open
The naked flame lurks around to burn
Let it not die nor let it kiss you
For we got to spend this night
In the warm naked flame's light.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Lost Alexanders

Two souls met under the banyan tree
And dreamed of what they are going to be

They dreamed of green
They dreamed of sheen
They dreamed of light
And of the, end of night.

As lonesome warriors they set about
To conquer the world
They had it at their feet
With courtiers next to them to greet.
They became the heads of the fairy tales
Their name echoed in hills and vales

They were there and so was the tree
Only their minds wandered free
Filling with their dreams
The gaps between the stars.

Soon their minds were devoid of dreams
Their hands devoid of work
And they searched for some shadows to lurk.