Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Road

Strolling the streets
And waiting till destiny meets
We just Walk alone.

Winds are against us
But we walk thus
Doing what others have done
Before going into oblivion.

It is the same struggle
You or me.
It is the same road
Just see.

You tell the story as you go
For a quick ear
Or an easy tear

You get it
And you take the same road
Into the oblivion
Just to keep you busy
Until your day is done.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Silent Witness

The hard rocked bosom of hers
Is a crypt for many stories
Tears through the eyes
Never drench her cheeks
In solitude and in solemnity
Peace is what she seeks.

Ever since she was made
By that passionate sculptor
She bore many wounds
Which only appeared to fade.

Silently she refused
The blood offered to her
She just mused
As they worshiped her.

She was exhibited
She was cut for any life
She, with the hard rocked heart
Never felt the knife.

As a mute audience
She lay in the rubble now
Figure shed and in no great form
But with the same hard rocked bosom
And tears which none could fathom.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"Cell" Mate

Connecting people
And bringing them closer
Is all that you know
In happiness and joy
In anxiety and frenzy
It is you they speak into.

Short messaging or free minutes
You always play your part
And help them speak their heart

You ring the same
In moments happy and sad
And you charge the same
That is why people are glad

You are a direction
In the madness of cities
You are a companion
In the lonely fields

You are making money
But bringing more hearts closer
You may be inanimate
But in this chaos
You are everybody's mate.

Saturday, October 20, 2007


I would be there
Waiting for you
I would be there
Counting the minutes few.

I would be there to relish
The smell wafting in the breeze
I would be there all ears
Listening to the silent missives

I would be there
Waiting for you as always.

Are you from the moon or from stars?
Or are you from the distant Mars?
Oh Venus! You have seized my heart
Just come to me and let me, then, depart.

As an unturned leaf
And as dead as a stone
I would be there
Waiting all alone.

Come with the breeze
And take me in your arms
Come to me soon
And kill me with your charms.

I would be there
Waiting for you
And breathing last,the air
That just touched you.

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Silence after rain

Dust has been brought back to earth
In the little liquid pots of rain
Silence has come back
We can hear our hearts again.

The rumbling streams of water
Trickle their way to the pond
To meet each other
And form a stronger bond.

Tears are brought
To the eyes that longed for rain
Tears are washed away
From the eyes that cried in pain.

The Silence after rain
Has brought us back to life
To listen to our hearts' call
As an interlude to the strife.

Friday, October 12, 2007

A New old song

Break my heart
Shatter my dreams
But love me today, Love me now
Tomorrow is a dream
Without any of us

Walk on me but let me see
The blue blue eyes that enticed me
Stop not till you got far away
But "I love you", hear me say

Love me today,Love me now
Tomorrow is a dream
Without any of us
Today we shall know that we are here
Tomorrow is a dream in a hazy blur

Walk with me for just this day
Listen to all that I have to say
Paint this day with love and care
Tomorrow, I will be gone
I promise,I swear.

Love me Today,love me now
For tomorrow is a dream
Without any of us.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy days

The pen never dries up
The page never enough
Expressions of blankness
With awe and happiness
The page,full of thoughts today
Hearts pounding that it would fly away

The drizzle blurring the night
Familiar faces in the lessened light
All reminding of the happy days
To be back there every heart prays.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

An unearthed poem ...

One day we shall learn
That there is nothing we had to earn
Everything was there
But we went on a quest in full gear
Finally reached the grave
And epitaphed ourselves to be brave !!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Beyond the Doors

Listen my friend I want to tell you more
And have to open up every door
My heart is home for many of them
Holding up many many words at their helm

Nothing short of verse is shaping in my head
To put it out I do dread
But now I dared to put it down
Listen my friend for,later we are out of town

Words that lingered for years
Words that formed in tears
Words that I wanted to say
Words that would soon drift away
Words some shallow and some deep
Into my world,friend,do have a peep.