Friday, March 21, 2014

Stand up to the stars

The shower corners me into a tiny alcove 
of thoughts. The cold jet is harsh: 
An experience pouring down. And I sift
through the onslaught of beady thoughts.
For a split second there, I realize something:
My position of insignificance in this universe,
how cosmos expands all around the shower head!
And thus the day almost starts with a prayer. 
I see a child like cell pull itself up
from the soapy primordial waters.
Crawl on fours and stand up to the stars. 
This revised edition of evolution 
cleans up my soul and a primate 
wonder shows up on my face. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

O love!

You break people's hearts
Those pious temple coconuts 
Sweet from them flows out dry
and their remains lie divided
between God and you.
Since then and till eternity 
life becomes a long chutney 
Your image, a carried around radium
burns holes in pockets and hearts. 
Life goes on only to be half
It sheds its happiness chaff.
O love! Steps to thy altar
leave their bruise and scar.
And we skin our knees in prayer.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Touch me not

I know your coordinates
Yet dare not write to you
You are a touch-me-not plant 
Deep in the internet jungle
Your virtual withdrawal is real
And 'Bother-Me-Not' ricochets
from the other end  
of the fiber that carries my worries.