Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Evolutionary road

No. There are no proper guidelines 
Not even bright cautions on the sidelines
The sidewalks of this lonely road 
Are full of dead and discarded toad
Creatures of all kinds who took trips
Lie still doing their best, in reality's grips
They lie in their luckiest of suits 
With shine and polish on their boots.
The lamps are dimmed to get a feel
of time that's ever slippery of an eel.
Both at home and largely lost 
Steps are taken to be as fast.  
No walls to climb or depths to plumb
The road is still, dull and dumb
The rungs of ladders are lit as bonfire
Around it devils play the sweetest lyre
Traveler, you are to tread the path alone
Taking each painful step etched in stone. 
A milestone is set  beyond all this
Your wearier eyes shall sparkle in bliss
March on then, your time hasn't come 
Your goal ringing within you as a hymn.