Friday, September 24, 2010

Penis for Sale

Really Good one.
Well educated.
Does consulting.
Tall and handsome.
Seeking: Understanding girl.
Smoking: No
Drinking: No
Holds a million dollars in bonds.
Another half a million in properties.

(Note: Nothing against Consulting here)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Blind spot

The squint-eyed rain god
has something amiss
in his panoramic vision of the world.
That is the place, a blind spot, where
A blade of grass wouldn't be green
Weeds creep up the food chain in no hope
gather ground and the elderly
with thick heavy glasses, wait for the postman.
The fields are barren
guarded by the howling winds
Shouting, like the angry psychedelic
dancing before a cornered deity.
The dry air moves in small painful circles
Gasping for breath, hanging its tongues out
in the dried up canals.
Their stories, I wouldn't want to know
How the house gave in to disrepair
and how they ended up cooking outside
struggling to protect the staple
from the husky dust
that arduously finds its way
to be under my teeth.
Even in a drench of feelings
there is a barren image that flashes
An image of the void
Of not present.
Of no future.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Weekend rituals

The little screens of our mobiles
light up like the faces of children
Calling us for the weekend rituals.
Breakfast in the sun.
Lunch under the cool breeze of AC
and Dinners on the roof top.
We dress up tiptop.
Check the lock twice as advised
by the protective mothers.
And we are out.
Pick the place. Make reservations.
Choose a better view for everyone.
Our differences are a boon here.
Only few of us are on the look out
That day, that particular place.
We keep the loot of the day aside,
reminding ourselves
to collect the worth by the end.
And our conversations cook
on a slow fire, rotating lazily
like the queued chicken.
For the starters, there is a warm up
of our memories
and by main course, we are deep
into some grown up problems.
Life being life
upturns us in different ways
and each finds its way to this table.