Thursday, July 12, 2007

It was her

Years ago she left an image hazy
Now the same makes me go crazy
she now appeared for moments few
Like the fresh drops of morning dew

Her eyes beautiful and wide
Revealed the beauty past it's hide
Her graceful walk and lovely talk
Her sweet and joyful smile
Made the worlds stop for a while

She was the spark of light
In that windy autumn night
Soon the moment was gone
And the darkness around was on

I stood still when she appeared
I stood still when she went
But in between, were the eons I spent

My heart, forever, she would seize
And everytime I think about it
The darkness would cease.


K Rah said...

Psued man.. its the poet to conjure up so many emotions in these few lines...
I like the happier first 2 paras man..

My-Art said...