Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hall of fame

Hall of fame
A thundrous applause;
Resounding in a corner
Of a quaint recluse.

Hall of fame
Years ago
A virgin note;
A fresh song.

Buds take shade
Blossom unknown
In to the time they fade.

Killed the notes
Revelled in mediocrity
Absolved your sins
Engraved your wins

On this cold evening
as the carriage transports you
To a new recluse
An asylum, A hide out.

The moving notes are now gone
As zephyrs carried freshness away
To the heavens.
Where,there are
Less odds than evens.


Assman said...

Dude.. how about attaching a small explanation with the poems.. i think people would appreciate the poems better if they knew that it was about Amadeus..

Rakesh.V.Varma said...

i too agree with bhatta dude.. (though the same applies to me too :P)

Confused...So What? who is not? said...

How the duck is this about Mozart????
Tri...please explain!!!!!

Musings of a wanderer said...

The above piece is about people who suppress others from getting recognised with their talent. It is loosely conencted to movie "amadeus" though the events relating to mozart's death in the movie were fiction. Mozart did not die in his 20's as shown in the movie. And also the theory that he was poisoned is just floating piece of imagination by some people. I hope this explains a bit further.