Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Every evening there was power cut
and it brought silence for a while
We would come out and play
Hide and seek
in the dim twilight.

The neighbour's daughter met
their neighbour's son
In the dark stairways
leading to the terrace.

The street would be lost in chattering
Amidst the pressure cooker whistles.
In those little lit parleys
Opinions were formed.

With the hide outs getting darker
The game would go on
for quite sometime.

How in those days
In that moment
Every one wished
For light not to invade.


Sidharth Poduval said...

nostalgic ...
reminds me of childhood days when we waited for power cuts..

Sri Vallabha said...

too nostalgia, just carried me down the memory lane to my childhood. GT, u touch the nerve man.

Rukhiya said...

Like blown! Beautiful, utterly! You are a clever writer!