Tuesday, December 9, 2008


We forget collectively
and that is the spirit for now.
A feeling of being left out
mums us to make noises
that are mistaken as approvals.

Remembering is an exercise in loneliness
where as forgetting is done in gatherings
More so in condolence meetings
where life is beautifully wreathed.

There is a question about moving on
and there is no answer. Just the silence
of velvet shoes dispersing
into the smoke of the candles put out.


Rukhiya said...

You know your poems have this effect- One might not completely agree with your points of view, still one cannot help feeling the beauty with which you tell us that. Like a song! I might have different thoughts on this, but I loved this one, without concrete reasons!

Usha Pisharody said...

This is exactly what might happen, lest we forget, in gatherings... pretending to remember!!!

Beautifully crafted!!!