Saturday, May 23, 2009


How it starts and how it ends
How it bends and then extends
How it breaches and then reaches
How there is never enough of it
How it makes our lives bit by bit.
How little squabbles turn out
How naughtiness would sprout
How it is one of the purest
How it is one of the surest
How it spans the entire universe
How it is present in a humble verse
How sacrifice makes clear sense
How sometimes there is no sense
How tears dry in each others faces
How elastic it is through all the phases
How one day it might breakup
How one day it might end up.

1 comment:

Rukhiya said...

Love, how over-rated and how reason-abandoning! [Felt like adding to the spectrum you have come up with.] Indeed there are so many interpretations. Like my surgery professor says, the number of explanations about a topic is inversely proportional to our understanding of the same topic.