Thursday, June 4, 2009


On the ramparts of Olympus
there is a chess board spread.
Pawns are being sacrificed with tact.
It is time the king shows up
with his much awaited single step act.

Far down the hill is Sisyphus
still rolling his boulder
while Atlas is suffering
from an aching shoulder.

The idle gods come to life
with Homer pouring out his epics
Vesuvius has bad stomach
and Pompeii is turned into relics

Brahe is losing sight and
is misplacing the heavens.
He is calling with hope
to hark his grievance.

Davinci is still dabbling
while Newton is eying the apple
and Galileo is grappling
with old age in a prison.

There are Socrates and Plato
awake round the clock
discussing reason and rationale
and the right dosage of hemlock.

The game is heading to a deadlock
and the next move would take time.
May be eternity, may be now
Zeus is stuck.


666*Ash*666 said...

'historic' significance! nice one man.....

Rukhiya said...

I haven't ever read something that grasps so many threads in one poem and slides so smoothly from one to another. Rhyming too! Kudos, really!

The thought behind takes the cake, though!