Friday, August 28, 2009


There were four odd does
that visited the fields.
We whistled and they jumped
Out of fright, but it was fun.
It has been years thence
By now they must have grown
Probably died and dried too.
Hyenas were too many
in the adjoining woods.
Were the does hunted by them?
They ran faster for a whistle.
They must have escaped surely.
Did they die of old age then?
Now I hear, hyenas too disappeared.
Like the Gods playing hunting and hunted
and one day, bored and disappeared.
A dry wind now cracks open the fields
displacing people from their land
and giving it way to the surviving species:
Memories, alongside, Cockroaches and Lizards.

1 comment:

Sanket Rathod said...

Ha Ha! "Memories, alongside, Cockroaches and Lizards."

Not so sure about lizards but Memories and Cockroaches will difinitely go a long way, also not sure if alongside, though! ;)