Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Singular and unique

The co-ordinates of death
In the space-time continuum
Are nothing to be talked about.
They are in fact eluding
Like the early morning dreams
Stored and yet slipping away.
But they can be felt,the mystics say
When it is that time of the day.
The flickering of lamps
Warnings from alms seekers
Right from the street dog
To the fading portrait of god
All are sign posts of death.
Only that, you wouldn't notice.
You might give this a thought
And be jolted to what you are not:
A helpless dud.
You are helpless only beyond your life.
Don't forget it this time
When there is a meteor shower
You wake up and take shelter
And when you are buried under the rubble
Please show signs of life
Unlike the stones sandwiching you.
Forget abut the collective.
You are singular and unique.

1 comment:

Avi said...

Nice...I like the shift in tone towards optimism !
Death is certainly not easy to write about !