Saturday, October 24, 2009


For me
writing is a zebra crossing
painted on a lawless road
I try to reach over to the other end
Sometimes, shouting all along
and drawing attention
But almost always, end up contemplating
a compromise to be at peace.
The fire within will die down with time
like the brightness in the school album.
It will be remembered rarely
as a fashion that is passe.
Only these words would remain as a mirror
exposing the leakages on my skin
Unable to contain the ideals that escaped.


aria said...

hmm those idelas would grow and nurture in your writings :) I hope the fire never dies..

aria said...

I hate my typing .. keep making typos all the time.

gunjan said...

Well said "writing is a zebra crossing painted on a lawless road" I wonder how do you get across such pieces of wisdom.

666*Ash*666 said...


Raash said...
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Raash said...

For some 'n',
Thought is a like a wave in Tubulent flow.

It starts at a global scale,
and joins its immediate sail.
ignoring the adjacent shear,
and the upwind pressure.

The adjoint thoughts have to feed,
satisfying its boundarys need.
The thought cannot transmit further,
without the lower scales nurture.

one by one the waves arive,
'n' cross 'n', they derive.

The thought might be ONE-fold,
the needs shall arise N-fold.

they grow faster and smaller,
till the desire of 'I' deliver.

all this process develops friction,
and shall loose as heat.
like one's mind looses attention,
and continues to do this unending feat.

But for some '1',
The desire shall die,

For the thought with no source,
shall follow its last course.

It time now, the flow is laminar,
only to realise his origins are familiar.

The nonlinearity in the operator,
gave hime the memory effects.
but along with it to the observor,
was also given the instability defects.

Now that there is no observer,
there is no meaning to the operator,
and thus the flow shall unite to creator.

Musings of a wanderer said...

Thanks! Hope it never does.

Thanks for your appreciation! I find such wisdom on the roads.

Nice to hear that!

Poem is good but too mathematical.