Tuesday, March 2, 2010

To the Seekers

Once upon a time
Wise men walked from place to place
lighting lamps in the darkest of temples

Parents, our story tellers
pass on their stories
transforming the living room
into a pre-historic cave

One story was of a local buddha
who spelt aphorisms in simple rhymes.
The sayings were beyond us
but as children
we were more interested in his miracles

He had strange powers
Levitating, predicting the future
and summoning gods in their sculpted form
were the most important ones in the abridged version.

The story ended with he going underground
in search of more knowledge and the chamber
capped with a thick concrete slab.

His birthdays are special now
as he comes alive to pronounce future
And the faithful, press their ears down
under the spell of a war-time siren.

(With inputs for editing from Cinecynic )

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