Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I create my thoughts
on a gaping blankness.
Beyond all this noise
I listen intently
to the Crickety wilderness.
I sift through
the jet black darkness, housing
half eroded mounds
of buried ideas.
All this, under
the bright lights of today
reflecting on yesterday.
Puncturing this silence
I see a rare bird aflutter.
The elusive Myna of Poesy.
I take note, the setting is archaic.
But I see a fresh human trail
A small streak of blankness
through this thicket.
I walk further on this direction-less path
going nowhere and everywhere.


pankaj said...

Very Good,
your thinking is very heartly.
I like, but no try to make capital "I" in your life.
Pl. try to make bridge beetween "I" and "you".
Best regards
Pankaj Parmar.

Musings of a wanderer said...

@ Pankaj

Thanks. Well, that bridge will only be made to cross some troubled waters. Till then. I am, I and you are You.