Friday, July 9, 2010


Tomatoes are almost over
We have Onions though
Rice will be enough
Not so sure about wheat
No school.Thank God.
Could wake up late.
But, the night patrol doesn't let me sleep.

Might have to go to a farther shop tomorrow
The regular one had a burning tyre near it today
Stones were strewn all across the way
Like safe passages in chaotic traffic
slogans were painted in Yellow
towards the end of the road.
No, beyond that I can't go.
There are tar drums standing guard
with a heap of stones by the side.
I couldn't see anyone there
like on the TV. It was deserted.
May be the camera is looking somewhere else.
No, beyond that I can't go.

Tell you what
I had a quick look at the queue near the ATM
It wore a sorry look on the screen.
There might be some change left
but is helpless to dispense it.
Another day and we have to stand in that line.


Usha Pisharody said...


And the tone of the poem, it is the chilling part!

How we have become so used to this kind of happening, that no longer is it out of the ordinary or unusual.

Penned in the manner that really gets under the skin too.
One of the best reads today!

Anonymous said...

As Ma'am said..

Stark Indeed!

Speaks so truly about what just happened in our country.. The pain of a common man was quite visible in it.


sunita said...

Trinath, reading your work after a long time..and this write has left me with such an empty feeling..Very powerful and an eyeopener!

We commoners are just a pawn in the hands of the law makers.

Musings of a wanderer said...

@ Usha

Thanks for your words. Yes, these things have become common place. Just kept it lucid. Glad it went under the skin.

@ Ram

Thanks for your kind words.


Thanks for dropping by. Yes, the poem leaves some emptiness. It is in fact created out of an emptiness.

Muse said...

How well you've induced that Stark feeling into the mundane!


Good to be reading you after a long time!

- Rini

Musings of a wanderer said...


Thanks for dropping by.

Sashu... said...

Wow!! honest, striking...hits at you! loved the read!

Musings of a wanderer said...


Thank you.

Jamiel said...

nice poem..