Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A trapped mouse

A mouse, like the muse
is trapped on stage.
Poetry is read to an audience
largely assembled for Nirvana.
The sweat and toil of the poet
go unnoticed in the evening banter.
The room is filled with
open minds and closed definitions.
No one is driving a point hard.
But even a slight pressure of doubt
could prick the balloons into a burst.
Questions raised, fall on deaf ears
and there is a point made
about the point of view.
The poet's eyes scurry
end to end, across the room.
The mouse moves from gap to gap
entertaining a discerning eye and the muse
sits like a bride, awaiting judgment.


Avi said...

So you're comparing the lady with the mouse and the bride !! LOL :)

"there is a point made
about the point of view"...hilarious!

Musings of a wanderer said...

The metaphor mapping is slightly complicated in this. I compared the muse with the mouse and also the scurrying of the eyes of the poet to the movements of the mouse. And of course, the muse to the bride. Muse is not the poet. It is the poet's idea.

And yes, there are people always saying it is their point of view blah blah. Multiple realities. Please, I am sick of that. My next poem deals with that.

Avi said...

Your zeroth law of poetry seems to be complicated !!

'Point of view' is a freedom of thought, and expressing it is a 'freedom of speech', they're fundamental rights !!