Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fit for love

All this for her.
The rippling body
that of a Protein X container
he is aiming at.
The distance he runs
pushing the limits of exhaustion.
The weights measured so accurately
A feather would make a difference.
He is after symmetry, definitely.
Every evening after the practice
a guitar is hung in silence.
To be able to serenade one day
is his dream.
Few songs and rhymes are penned down
with the words love and her eyes.
Mostly her eyes in the evening light.
A general good behavior is in vogue.
And there is this waiting
around coffee tables and book shops.
The things which brew a conversation.

And finally, he is looking into her eyes now.
With all the little things taken care of.


Avi said...

And finally he gets slapped real hard ! ha ha !

Nice !

manasa said...

brew a conversation...way you put everything together is beautiful trinath:)

Musings of a wanderer said...


Thank you!

Ritu Bharadwaj said...

- And wait till she looks back into his eyes ...
peel by peel the protien X muscle and all the show wilts of
leaving the soul under stark light ...
only the courageous and honest survive this route, the rest 'pack off' !