Friday, October 14, 2011

A December

The city wears a shawl
of wintry loneliness.
Quick steps all around
pierce the condensing darkness.
Doors swallow the bodies in a hurry
and souls are left behind for a moment
as if making sense
of the journeys till the threshold.
A solitary car pummels down
the beams of light
in its tussle with the looming mist.
The mid-night moon reaches out
to no one in particular
through a fronded cloud.
And what is present in real
measures for eternity
the vastness of absence.


gunjan said...

Good one again. I wonder what reminds you of cold December sitting in steamy Chennai. Anyways it reminded me of old English poems written around early part of 20TH century

BP said...

The poem had a very good feel. Universal subject. One that everyone would have experienced.

'condensing darkness' & 'tussle with the looming mist' are nice touches.

Usually these solitary poems are from the perspective of the person travelling in the cold winter. You've viewed it as a third person (third to people and the winter itself).

Musings of a wanderer said...


Thank you. Definitely, it's something everyone must've experienced. I wanted to try to get out of that explicit narrator style of "I feel...". But rather have the narration loud enough in the back ground. I try this sometimes but gets difficult in some situations where the poem is a personal one.