Friday, July 6, 2012

Sambar stain

I walk in the rain
Sing aloud in my brain
Sit on a chair with strain
And on my jeans a sambar stain

I am too furious to walk away
My coffee wants me to stay
There's loads of work to do
And the Windows of my mind turns blue

Horror, Horror Mr. Conrad
Everywhere things go bad
A hopeful end hangs by the rope
In the darkness where I grope

I raise my hands in this dance
My difficult partner is Chance
A tango of my travails and none others'
While every dream this world smothers

It rains deadlines. Pouring troop lines
Tonight all who are in this crib
Have nothing else but to crib
Are the stars out of their light?
We don't know and that's the delight 

1 comment:

Avi said...

Everywhere the things are bad
so much so that we get mad
You feel you are alone
and but you maybe the chosen one

So stick to the task at hand
there's no other magic wand
Put it out, with all your might
though the end'f road isn't in sight

There is nothing wrong and nothing right
You have no choice but to fight
In the darkness where you grope
You will find the door-knob of hope