Sunday, October 19, 2014

Loneliness in high places

It all started with spotting a planet 
at the edge of a hill on a moonless night.
Soon, clouds obliged our wishes, stood off 
and even shrunk under their weight. 
The stars punctured the sky and 
Sparkle from an eternal road gave itself off 
to our eyes scanning in earnest. 
Distant lights from times gone by
reached and lit our anonymous faces. 
There was prayer written on all of us. 
Craning ourselves at the complexity 
Pouring out knowledge from times immemorial
There was a rewind of all that was known. 
Fairy tales, grandmothers and villages
all made their mote of appearance. 
But the road stood still 
waiting for that moment 
when all words are over. 
And the heavenly silence spun us out
into threads of water meeting an ocean. 

1 comment:

carp said...

There was prayer written on all of us.

That's a lovely line. What were/are we praying for?