Friday, July 17, 2015

Lonelier than thou

Lonelier than thou is the anthem 
that goes on in full blast in my head. 
Drugged by this I pass over others' stories 
as if they are spread out in a newspaper 
that is filled with only headlines.
A big S, a big F or a big B holds my gaze
depending upon the curse that starts the flood.
There is always time and place for one more 
curse for the world which is out to get us. 
As others' problems parade in full flare
the flag of solitude is hoisted inside me.
There is a sudden volcanic eruption 
and the moment hardens into a memory 
that is walking by your side. 
I hold on, maintain silence in respect
till the shadow has its way. 
Each moment becomes a pin hole camera 
and I try to get a convenient view 
of something far and powerful. 
But I make a mindful note that 
my love for you has grown to be 
a mountain that does not fit any mirror.  
And it does not help from how far I look.

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