Friday, June 15, 2007

The happy song

A crude flute in his hand
With a herd of cattle he would arrive
The green pastures would soon be occupied
He would sit down to enjoy the light and warmth of the morning sun

The hills echo with the music of the dawn
The Sun slowly rises as one giant glowing disk
He would run from end to end in the pastures below
Relishing every bit of it in mellow

He blows life into his flute
For hours he continues to sing
Waiting for any response the lovely air may bring.
But nothing would reach his ears
Heavy hearted he would return
Only to perform the next morn.

The birds, cattle and all life around
Would immerse in his song
Forgetting to respond, they would stand still
Listening to their hearts’ full

The flute is long gone now
But the music still echoes in the hills and beyond
The noises of the dawn now are nothing but his song
For it is a happy one which stays really long.

1 comment:

darkshine said...

cool i see u going back in time with that english gyan of urs and see krishna.

but he could hear 16,000 of those sounds( brought by the wind) man how came u could'nt see all that may be he himself stopped u.

may be i am mistaken.u may have just went back a few days and got to see the guy of of modern era with a flute.

all in all nice one