Sunday, June 24, 2007

The silver lining

Days together I gazed at the silver line
And was benighted in the darkness it held within
The darkness has now vanished like of yester night
And I lay blinded, by all sudden light.

Success was often for which I longed
Finally it came and I was totally wronged
About the solace it harbors and warmth it begets
Meanness is all, it often besets.

I conspire, I lie and often sin
To only hold what I did never win
It has made of me a narrow mind
That never thinks of the story behind.

Not content with just the silver line
I prayed for more and earned what's not mine
The fiery light has burnt my soul
And gave it, an all new role

"I do not want this success", I pray
But here, blinded in light, forever I lay.


Prashanth said...

brilliant one.. may i know the situation under which u wrote this one?

Avi said...

Amazing !!