Friday, October 26, 2007

Silent Witness

The hard rocked bosom of hers
Is a crypt for many stories
Tears through the eyes
Never drench her cheeks
In solitude and in solemnity
Peace is what she seeks.

Ever since she was made
By that passionate sculptor
She bore many wounds
Which only appeared to fade.

Silently she refused
The blood offered to her
She just mused
As they worshiped her.

She was exhibited
She was cut for any life
She, with the hard rocked heart
Never felt the knife.

As a mute audience
She lay in the rubble now
Figure shed and in no great form
But with the same hard rocked bosom
And tears which none could fathom.


sid said...

thanks trinath !!
you are one of the first to comment on my poems...

aravind said...

only my gr8 poet friend Trinath can give voice to to the voiceless and life to the lifeless

666*Ash*666 said...

Man, very good! You write well, got a very unique style!

Rukhiya said...

Leaves me puzzled over the protagonist. Mother Earth or just a goddess? Both ways it is a nice poem. Very hard hitting!