Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hang on

Too many people tried to push you out
of that crowded city bus onto the road
Do you remember what you did then?
Just hanged in there on a loose foothold.

There were times when you were snubbed
right when the confidence started dwindling.
You wanted then, to withdraw yourself
from that moment and from the world
into a shell of disconnect.
But that was not what you did.
You stayed. You played.

You were never tired of hanging on.
Never lost out on dignity.
Never backed out on the
little things that you promised.
A smile here and a smile there.

Smile:that was your strength in hard times.
An inward smile and an outward smile.
A smile to yourself and to the world.
A smile to reflect and reflect off.


...deb said...

A poem of resiliency. Doesn't ignore the pain, but moves around, through it.

James said...

I like the feeling of quiet perseverance here. And the way a simple act like smiling can give such hope and strength.

SweetTalkingGuy said...

A surviver with an infectious smile!

Makes me wanna smile too!

Avi said...

Nice one, reminds me of my fav. 'Don't Quit'