Friday, February 6, 2009

Under Construction

The rooms are gently cold
with a smell of wet cement.
Patches of drying water
are making faces on the walls.

In the corner, a smiling brick
is getting plastered forever.
An echo of satisfaction
hangs humming in the air.

Vague designs are drawn
on the roughly plastered walls.
Nail marks of love
forming waves of happiness.

There are no cracks
as with the just found love
and the walls are rough
with the initial passion.

Dreams enter the walls
along with the air.
and then they wait
in silence.


VAV said...

dreams enter the walls :) lucid...

Sanket Rathod said...

Wow... really cool!

Is this pure imagination or did u have an actual under construction home as inspiration? In that case can I request a pro/epi-logue?