Sunday, April 19, 2009

Falling apart

Your world and my world
and of course, the whole world
are falling apart every moment.
While waiting for this event
we can do so many things
and build a nice disconnect
with our expectations.

We can share our schooldays' memories
Those teenage love affairs included.
Jokes would be just great.
Chicken soup for the souls
-more than welcome.
Nature might be a good cure.
Laughter with 0.5 percent alcohol
is the best tonic .
Smoking things out is not bad either.

On the contrary pacing
as outside the operation theater
or as a confused passenger is not advisable.
Remember, we are not at all anxious
about this falling apart business.
It just happens in the natural course.
Take it cool, as fixing your world needs
only you and it would wait for you
like a fallen angel
like an angry wife.

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