Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Paper clown

I will think of funny things
and write them down.
On paper, I will be
just like that clown

Instead of a splotchy attire
there would be naked words
Just the things needed
for a cloaking imagination.

I will look out of the window
and create something that's hard to chew
It might turn out that the only person laughing
would be me and me alone.
But don't look away
steady your gaze
because I ought to be funny.
There is no other way, the quivering
would escape my vocal chords.
Other than this.
Other than bliss.

1 comment:

PRG said...

People would all feel alone
as leaves turn green then brown
waiting for the paper clown
who'll make their sorrows to drown
for heavily sits the head that wears the crown