Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bride Grooming

Look at them
They are made for each other
they groom when they meet
She cleans his glasses
Checks his nails
He holds her hand
to be sure of a normal pulse.
Counts the number of protruding veins
Arranges a lock of hair
and then orders coffee.


pranabk said...

Short, compact, and precise. Like it.

Musings of a wanderer said...


Thank you!

Avi said...

succcint !

satire ?

Musings of a wanderer said...


Not a satire. Just reporting!

aria said...

bride and groom ..? I see..
sweet.. esp checking the nails part :)

Musings of a wanderer said...


To be bride grooming the to be groom ! I saw it happen in a Coffee shop.

Anonymous said...
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