Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Into the future

When a friend asked me what it would be 
like fifty years from now, I looked askance.
Only to realize that he is a few years younger
and for him I already have my foot positioned
strategically in the door of the seeable future. 
This was sudden but also appeared gradual. 
Building up for quite sometime now, like when 
I noticed my feet were slowly turning into fins. 
The future is already happening I thought and 
avoided any reply and slept over the matter.
But my dreams somehow picked this up 
with their long fishing rods and perfect baits. 
That night, I roiled ahead into the twirl of time 
with the smoothest of techniques without a 
splash even while crossing in a rough weather. 
I am admitted after a long time in the open 
into a waiting room where everybody I knew
was present in the best of attire. They all 
had only one simple and urgent question 
to be answered: what would it be like 
fifty years from now?

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