Friday, May 29, 2015

Somebody else

We now sit at the ends of a protrusile table
unspooling the threads of our own stories. 
Earlier, in a poetry reading we placed all our
cards on the table, showing some and 
telling some. Much noise then, as opinions 
got entangled into a spaghetti of nonsense. 
I could feel the tug as you fished me out 
with a sharp and lengthy look which lasted 
as I was reading my offering at that makeshift
altar of formless poetry. The noise drowned out  
as the poets capped their thoughts for the day 
and went home to prose. We remained though
in the afterglow before dissolving our ways in 
the madness of the rush home traffic. 
Communication these days is easy we thought.
Just a matter of buttons here and there. But,
we stuck to the golden rule: no first use policy.
Till sometime else there was something else
and we made our ways to meet somebody else. 


Avi said...

The golden rule is hardly made of gold,
because of it things do not unfold,
thoughts and feelings remain untold,
a false ego of being very bold.

carp said...

What do the last two lines mean?

Trinath Gaduparthi said...


That the two met sometime later, at a different place, hoping to meet somebody else, other than each other.