Tuesday, December 4, 2007


The cup of creativity spills
And then the heart fills
In those few lines, a life is born
Lived, experienced and ended

Almost a cosmic creation
Everytime we knit together the words
To form new worlds, new faces
Describe abstraction and wander places

An outpour of a sojourn mind
Creates a cosmos in the heart
You live the moment it starts
And die when it parts....


Prashanth said...

Neat!! but why is it short?? your 'cup' had only three stanzas or what? ;)

666*Ash*666 said...


Usha :) said...

Moved by this read...!
You got it just right. The words when it leaves the quill, then are no more the writers.
Beautifully captured and outlined, and succinctly too!

Shal said...

Cud connect to this :)
just so nicely put :):)

Sidharth Poduval said...
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Sidharth Poduval said...

loved the last two lines...
that is how a poet feels....

the short lived pleasure of expressing something deep..

nice work friend :)