Monday, December 24, 2007

Hills and Beyond

Flanked by the deep woods
The path decorated by the rustled leaves
I trod to hold
The last rays of trailing light
The crimson residue paints the sky
Slowly the stars appear as I walk by

The night's chill and wind's shrill
Echo in the vales ahead
The moon is cocooned by the clouds
Forming a grand design on the dark canopy

To the wind's whistle
The leaves dance
Stealing from the moon
An occasional glance

Seeing you through every cloud
I reach the edge of a cliff
I yell falling into the deep rift
To the skies,the echoes drift.


Prometheous said...

Hey man, I loved it...
Perfect end, One of your best,I would say.

K Rah said...

Definitely one of the best... seems pretty trivial till then and ends magically...