Monday, December 24, 2007

Thirsty basins

The dark sky riddled with bullets
Shines faint, distant lights
The gunfire lulls
In a deadly serene the night awaits the morn

Skeletons of bustling squares
As if skinned of their flesh
Smoke up from the rubble
Faints the beaming moon

Stories of their plight
Showers riches somewhere
They move on
Unknowingly known

In the distant vales the fight is on
To quench the blood thirst
Of a parched up basin.

The riddled sky still shines the faint lights
Far from the world, where there are more beautiful nights.


shalini.battineni said...

ending is really perfect, apt and great.....

Sidharth Poduval said...

very dark indeed!!

K Rah said...

Godly one man!
Really gets you involved and thinking... this one.