Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hate You

You can dislike people
but hating them, some how binds you
and brings discomfort like the
chewed gum sticking to the shoe.

True hate is as common
as true love. Love is only
the acceptable side of the coin.

What would happen if one accepts hate?
Would people cry over the shoulders,
as they do in love?

It is a strange thing to be loved
And also to be hated.
Both are constructs for a purpose
to feed on like parasites
to live until death.

Love doesn't stop with death
It takes the form of soiled tombs.
Hate appears to have ended there
but who knows about the
underground tube in the grave yard?

Tombs from inside are stations of hate
but outside they are decorated with flowers
like the shining bill boards, advertising
radiantly in the nights.

Of course,there is nightlife in the tombs.


Usha Pisharody said...

The lack of emotion somehow highlights the intensity of the feeling, it does!

And a wondrous surreal close; you bring to life, and feeling many a picture one might not have connected to normally!

Rukhiya said...


You have been awarded :)