Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Optimism creates a beautiful image
by filling in the imperfections for now.

But things scale up
at the wrong time like a bad tooth.
Optimism then, would be a sedative.

A sedative that can take us higher up
in air and carpet bomb the cities
leaving a black smoke from B-52.

It should be handled well
contained, but still powerful
like our vote in the ballot.


Usha Pisharody said...

Now that is discernment for you! As always, a unique metaphor, a different perspective from the usual cliched ones, is what I look forward to, in your work, and I am never ever disappointed!

And so with this.. :) When we fill ourselves so much with those ideas and ideals that fail to translate fully.. and yet work at pushing one to the edge, I suppose it will be a hazard!

Beautiful close ... the idea and the reality come together, with the chasm so well!!

Rukhiya said...

I repeat aforesaid :) Verbatim :)