Saturday, July 4, 2009

Moving on

There was no drama
It was just smooth
This breakup of mine
with reality.
I withdrew like the snail
with all the softness
into a hardened shell
carried on my back.
A slow and unnoticed retreat.
But when it comes to moving on
I have the pace of a rabbit.
Burrowing here and burrowing there
there are holes dug all over me.
Voids which tunnel through
past and bend into future.
Somewhere in these gaps
I exist as the darkness
as a seeming shallowness.

1 comment:

Aditya said...

The first part is spectacular. In the end what do you want to say? A rabbit is quick and the snail slow. In retreating you are slow, but quick in moving on? is there a diff.."holes dug all over *by* me" ...ending with "I exist as the darkness" would have been more striking. Nice piece