Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Despite all my efforts
Sadness remains non-verbal.
I coax it to explain
how it feels
inhabiting different peoples.
It just babbles non-answers.
I take chances
Try and reason with it
Ask it to show me by signs
And permit me to read its mind.
It rejects all my pleas
with a haughty head.

Its unending misery
it refuses to share.
Instead, before leaving
spills coffee all over my table
Thumps really hard
and warns that it doesn't end
with these broken lines.


Avi said...

I was thinking on similar lines some time back.

Loved it, esp. this part "...warns that it doesn't end
with these broken lines."

Surbhi said...

Loved the theme of the poem! :)

Musings of a wanderer said...

@ Surbhi

Thank you.