Saturday, June 18, 2011

Travel restrictions

Beware of the distance that you would go along
But extend compassion to the fellow traveler.
Conversation about the weather is dead.
But global warming still holds out.
The passing image of you is blurred anyway
Try as much you can to keep it that way.
Opinions without judgments are staple
Trying to disseminate wisdom is trouble.
You could be tortured by baby monsters
But swim you should like lobsters
against all this with a painted smile
as your ordeal is leaving you by the mile.
A big book, much like a hardened brick
Would do the necessary trick.
Literary fiction and its obscurity
are your best friends here for sanity.

Depending on your color and hesitation
Acquired politeness and gesticulation
Opinions would be out
placing you in the ladder.
In the next station tea would be offered.
And you are expected to politely refuse.
That would complete the image of you
and puts the world to a comfortable sleep.

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